Great job. great 20 years.

We are in the midst of a project for Microsoft India Development Center (IDC), which is Microsoft’s largest development center outside Redmond. The unit has grown from a handful of people in 1998 to thousands today. The pace of growth is accelerating and it’s all pretty amazing.

As we speak to the leaders and individual contributors, we are struck by a number a noteworthy things, but above all, how IDC has deliberately taken time and dedicated resources to make this celebration important for everyone at the center. It isn’t as much a celebration, but a cultural intervention to recognize the past and align around a vision of the  future together.

A key takeaway is that we all need to think about the moments we have to celebrate important milestones in our businesses. To certain types of leaders, these types of things may feel frivolous. They are not, these opportunities allow us  to appreciate what we have created together and is a powerful way to signal to our people that what we do matters. That they matter.

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