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Entrepreneurial mindset is still misunderstood by many non-entrepreneurs. It is really a truth seeking, growth focused mental model that is fixated getting things done. Not just doing things for the sake of doing, but really trying to optimize, and get the best outcomes. Always.

The larger the organization, the harder it is to maintain this mindset. Often people do things to satisfy their bosses, or because it is a KPI, but not because they honestly believe it is in the best interest of the business. To be sure, many people do just want to show up and be told what to do. For them, there are different, non-entrepreneurial models.

If you can get a core group of people who are resilient, adaptable, and totally focused on maximizing outcomes, even a small group can be transformative for a large organization. Culturally, those people will often self-select, so if you put the word out, they will find you.

There is a growing intrapreneur movement, and for those folks, there is a wonderful conference that shares pulls together leading authorities in the movement. Our COO,Jessica Higgins spoke at the last conference in Toronto.

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