A piece by Linda Hurt incorporating woven and felted elements.

A piece by Linda Hurt incorporating woven and felted elements.

The Art League Blog is taking a trip down memory lane and reposting some of our most popular resources on sharing your art online! Please enjoy this post from the vault, originally published September 11, 2015.

In our fiber arts studio, you can weave, felt, knit, dye, and hook your own wardrobe from head to toe. With classes including spinning and dyeing, you can learn about pretty much any part of the process, except for shearing the sheep. If functional art isn’t your style, you can also make fine art to hang on your wall. Class topics range from traditional to contemporary, and there are plenty of entry points for the complete beginner!

Our fiber arts department draws on a wide variety of traditions and cultures — not to mention a few thousand years of history — so there are lots of different terms in our class catalog that you might not recognize.

Here’s a quick guide to the fiber arts and a rundown of what’s in store this school year.

To see the full slate of fiber arts classes and workshops through the summer, click here.



Felting graphic


Weaving graphic


A knit throw by Diana Kreutz.

A knit throw by Diana Kreutz.




That’s not all! You can also take classes in spinning (make your own yarn), rugmaking (for rugs and wall hangings), and surface design and dyeing.

To browse or search the full catalog, visit our School homepage.

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