So… a quick post about the 2017 Vancouver Brewfest, which runs through Saturday August 12th.

I worked a volunteer shift pouring the official festival beer – Heatwave brewed by Trap Door Brewing in collaboration with Great Western Malting. Who knew that a pineapple malt was a thing? But apparently it is. It’s a refreshing summer ale with some hoppiness but not much bitterness (20 IBU, 4.7% ABV). Recommended.

Plus… if you’re going to a beer festival, you have to try new stuff! It’s silly to go to a festival and drink something that you could get in a brewpub year round, or even worse, at the grocery store. Try new beers!

A few positive highlights:

  • Northwest Passage Craft Brewery Lime Kolsch – fantastic. A very refreshing beer with just the right amount of lime that was perfect for the 85 degree weather. Would happily drink over and over during the summer.
  • Heavy Metal Brewing Nuttin Else Matters is a peanut butter brown and wasn’t gimmicky at all. A solid brown, with a ton of peanut butter flavor but you could tell there was a good beer there. Not too heavy and a nice break from the usual summer brew fest styles.
  • Brother Ass’s Sister Claire Peach Blonde was another great summertime brew, with a smoothness with a good amount of peach flavor.

More of my beer ratings from the festival can be found on my Untappd profile.


Vancouver Brewfest 2017: Cheers!

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