I must create! she must create!

So you’ve been trying to let your creative genie out of the bottle for years… decades, even.

And have you noticed how it never seems to get easier, no matter how much wisdom, experience or success you acquire?

Yeah. Me too.

That’s why it’s called “creative”. If we could just do it on autopilot, just phone it in, we’d call it something else.

The creative drive is just like the sex drive, or the drive to eat. It’s part of you, it never goes away, and you either accept it for what it is and learn how to live with it, or else it messes up your life.

Over the years, I’ve learned just to start. Take that first step, and everything seems to fall into place. There is no writers block, creative block, there is just the failure to take action.

Once you start, the rest follows. Remembering this, makes the moments of panic, fewer and further between.

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