This is what scales

Be honest. Unless there’s some sort of disaster going down, we generally got the ”stuff” thing nailed.

Seriously. When was the last time you downloaded an app that made a big difference to your life?

Or when was the last time a TV advert changed your mind about something meaningful?

When was the last time you complained to a friend that the city you lived in didn’t have a decent burger joint?

When was the last time you significantly increased your consumption of your bottled water? Or noticeably increased the monthly amount you spent on mid-level branded grocery items?

The most likely answer you gave to all of these questions was “a long time ago”.

For most of us reading this, we do pretty well. When life is going our way, when life isn’t starting a dumpster fire, when our checks are not bouncing, we generally go to bed without hunger, we sleep a roof over our head, our clothes fit, and we have a cornucopia of “stuff”.

Which is why it’s so hard to compete with folk like Walmart or Amazon. Like most of their customers, they already got “stuff” nailed, so the chances of needing you are very, very slim.

So what don’t people have enough of? So what does scale?

That’s easy: Mattering. Making a difference. Inspiration. Hope. Creativity. Being in the zone, while being overwhelmed by gratitude at the same time.

We have an infinite need for this.

Which is where the real opportunity will always be found.

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