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Earlobes looking a bit plain? A free pair of handmade earrings from Melbourne maker Mazdevallia should fix that.

Ain’t these some of the nicest damn earrings you’ve ever seen? They make us happy just looking at them – we can only imagine the merry little jig we’d do if we had them attached to our person. They’re handmade by one Maylin Evanochko, the creative lass behind the Mazdevallia jewellery label, and we’ve got one of each of these pairs to give away. To go in the running to win, shoot through your details and let us know which design you fancy best: the top pair or the bottom pair. Oh, and if you’re rather partial to both, maybe you’d like to pop past her online store; she’s got heaps more designs that may very well make your eyes bulge slightly out of your skull.

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