some pretty wallpapers from look what we made

Treat your eyeballs to some pretty wallpapers from our latest book.

Bored of staring at that Apple stock photo on your laptop? Or perhaps you need to rid your phone of a background featuring a horrible ex? Well, what do you know – we’ve just uploaded a few sweet-as-can-be wallpapers from our latest book, Look What We Made, the very thing to keep your eyeballs happy.

You’ve got three to pick from, folks – all available in mobile and desktop format: Chili Philly’s crochet lovelinessAshley Ronning’s wall of zines; and Shuh Lee’s ceramics workspace. Oh, and if you want to treat your eyeballs to even more nice handmade stuff, be sure to have a squiz at Look What We Made. It’s chock-full of stories and snaps about Aussie makers making nice stuff. Goes well with tea and sitting down. 

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