creative control is an oxymoron

So who calls the shots? They guy with the money, or the guy with the talent?

That depends on who needs who the most.

Though the better and closer the collaboration is, the less “creative control” is an issue. Because in theory, you’re all there for a reason, and not just there to glorify a single individual. And besides, experience tells you that bringing too much ego to the table is the kiss of death, so eventually you learn how to leave it at the door, anyway.

That being said, if you’re a creative, not everyone is going to want your best work. They just want a result, and they want you to help make that result more likely. Which is fine. Don’t take it personally.

Best to just keep plugging away. Eventually you’ll hit the sweet spot, where you’re doing your best work AND somebody is paying you top dollar for it.

Unless you take too many shortcuts. Then you never get there at all. Luckily for you, that’s not your style, right? Right?

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