What’s a Draw-a-Thon?

On Thursday, we held a members-only Draw-a-Thon at The Art League. That means short-pose figure, long-pose portrait, and bring-your-own art materials. The perfect opportunity to draw or paint from models all day long in the company of other artists — and our instructors.

From last year’s Draw-a-Thon

Who’s a member?

There are three ways to become a member of The Art League:

  1. You have paid the exhibiting artist dues in the gallery (Active Exhibiting Artist Member)
  2. You have donated to our annual fund at the minimum level ($125) or above (Active Donor Member)
  3. You have enrolled in at least one course in the last five academic terms AND have taken 12 or more courses in the past four years at the school (Active Student Member)

Read more about membership here.

What did I miss?

Ah, the good part! Here are some photos from the big day:

Inspired? Check out our class catalog here.

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