ovaries before brovaries

It’s embroidery. Of Frida Kahlo. As ovaries! (And they’re coming to the Blue Mountains soon, ooh.)

Unlike other body parts, it’s fair to assume lots of people don’t actually know what an ovary looks like (including those who house a couple). Artist Jess de Wahls brings these little but crucial organs to the forefront with her bold embroidery and jewellery that explores feminism in a unique, eye-catching way (some of her ovary designs look just like Frida Kahlo, in fact). Jess is also passionate about sustainability, using recycled clothing fabrics for her embroidery – a technique she calls “retex sculpture”. Lucky for us, her acclaimed exhibition Big Swinging Ovaries is coming to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains in June! You can even take a class learn how to embroider just like Jess. Oh, and you can buy her wares over here.


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