Pardon me while I contend with my flawed existential self

Jerry Colonna is famous in startup circles as a business coach. A former VC, he gave it all up to help people. Being a “Master Of The Universe” didn’t make him happy, reducing suffering makes him happy.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or somebody trying to start something, and are feeling blue or beleaguered or doubtful or close to tears, do yourself a favor and watch this keynote. Mind-blowingly good.

Jerry’s gift, as I see it, is in making people understand and accept that no amount of chasing success (or actual success) is going to relieve us from the human condition (i.e relieve us from suffering).

And that’s OK.

That this is far preferable to going around pretending to be “crushing it” 24-7, like everything is #totallyawesomeforever.

When if fact, you’re just a human being, trying to get by, same as everyone else, startup or no startup, CEO or no CEO.

Like I said, do yourself a favor.

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