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Looking UP
April 2–May 1, 2018
104 South Union Street, Alexandria, VA
Hours: develop@theartleague.org

The latest pop-up exhibit at The Art League is also a photography exhibit from the girls of Space of Her Own. Photographs by the ten-year-olds are juxtaposed with important works by famous female photographers.

“Looking UP” shows the way these artists, amateur and professional both, engage with their surroundings and relationships. Like past SOHO photography exhibits, these artworks open the door to empowerment through portraiture.

What is SOHO?

The Art League’s collaboration with SOHO, Inc.—now in its 13th year— continues to strengthen the City of Alexandria’s ability to reach and intervene for youth who would otherwise be at-risk for delinquent behavior.

The Space of Her Own project is an afterschool art-based mentoring program designed to use art as a catalyst for change in at-risk youth in the local community and the region. This program year, The Art League’s commitment to this life-transforming program takes the form of targeted visual arts education curriculum across multiple Alexandria-based SOHO chapters.

“Looking UP” is presented by The Art League, the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Space of Her Own, and the International Institute of Photography. For information and hours: develop@theartleague.org or 703-519-1741.

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