Being a travel blogger means living a huge part of my life online. From shooting photos to creating posts to connecting with readers on social media, sometimes it feels like I’m always staring at a screen. And that’s exactly why I decided that it was time for a break from my busy schedule.

Québec invited me to disconnect from my routine so that I could fully connect with the destination. Living without my phone for five days, I was able to experience travel again like I used to– before the blog.

Here’s my experience disconnecting in Québec!

Shopping in Quebéc

Zipline in Quebéc

Boat in Quebéc

Blonde taking sea plane in Quebéc

Forest in Quebéc

Cheers in Quebéc

Sunset in Quebéc

Night in Quebéc

I visited the beautiful province of Québec in Canada with a documentary film crew to capture the full experience. It was the first time in the better part of a decade that I didn’t have my camera with me for a whole trip, and in hindsight, it was such a good feeling to be able to disconnect and be in the moment.

While it took an adjustment period, it was actually very liberating to see new places without any distractions. Having a digital break in Québec allowed me to truly take in the incredible natural beauty of Canada. And, while a lot of people opt to disconnect out in the wilderness, Québec offered the perfect balance for me.

There are so many places in and around Montréal to both relax and live it up! I have had some incredible adventures in Montréal before but traveling disconnected allowed me to see the region through a new pair of eyes.

With a cool intermingling of old world European culture (come ready to practice your French!), this vibrant North American city has it all.

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The thing that I love most about Montréal is that it offers the perfect blend of urban fun and adventures in nature. You can get the full “disconnected and enjoying wildlife” experience without having to travel far into the countryside.

Right outside of the city, you can fly through the forest on a zipline or relax out in a boat out on the lake. I fell in love Lac Sacacomie, a beautiful lake just outside of the Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve between Québec City and Montréal.

While it’s great to have a digital break in the middle of nature, I tend to crave city life after awhile. The nice thing about a trip to Québec is that you can create this balance of urban and rural. Once I had my fix of outdoor fun, I explored some of the hotspots of Montréal. When it comes to checking out cool ‘hoods in Montréal, it’s all about Mile End, Little Italy, and Old Montréal.

I’d recommend grabbing a bike to explore the city. There are so many quirky little corners and stately spots to see.

Be sure to get up to Mount Royal for a perfect view of the city!

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Thank you to Quebéc for hosting me during this trip. As always, thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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