in the end, everything is work ethic

So you didn’t come from the right family or go to the right school or have the right friends or work for the right company or read the right books or choose the right major or wear the right fashions or say the right things or or or or or or….

Yeah, well, so it sucks to be you. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, though all that stuff might factor in there somewhere, over time it accounts for less and less. What matters far more, and what you also have a lot more control over, is how hard you work and how well people like and trust you.

And the ball’s totally in your court with that. No amount of “privilege” will save a worthless slacker from themselves.

But a strong work ethic will keep on opening doors for you, again and again, for years to come.

If it’s your first proper job out of college, and you’re not pretty much the hardest working person in the office, you’re doing something wrong. Sure, not everybody wants to hear that. But not everybody wants to get to where they need to be, either.


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