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What does it mean to be relevant today?

We live and work in an era of digital Darwinism, where technology and society are evolving away from yesterday’s norms, mindsets, values, and behaviors.

Most companies want to be customer and employee centric. Most executives believe that their work matters to employees and customers. But the reality is that customers and employees are changing as times, trends and tastes evolve. They’re human after all. On the other hand, organizations and executives aren’t keeping up with evolution simply because corporate cultures are more rigid than they are agile. They’re more risk-averse than they are progressive. The truth is that companies struggle to adapt because most corporate cultures and operational models were designed in an era before the internet. They’re increasingly exposed to “out of touchness” and thus, progress closer and closer to irrelevance.

The best intentions aren’t going to connect with customers and employees as they advance. The only way to do so is to invest in a leadership culture of empowerment, innovation and the pursuit of relevance.

Let’s go!

– Brian Solis

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