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…and not an ice-cream headache in sight!

A lot of love goes into each of the over 1,500 ice cream bowls that the Ceramic Department at The Art League artfully creates each year for its Ice Cream Bowl Fundraiser. Together with our donors, supporters, and our wonderful volunteers, this year was another win–even with less-than-ideal weather on day two!

Mayor Allison Silberberg stopped by!

Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg stopped by!

Keep scrolling to see photos from the event. Have a picture of your bowl? Take a picture and use hashtag #theartleague or tag us in it @theartleague on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


The 2018 Ice Cream Bowl Fundraiser saw 1,500+ bowls go to new homes and over $22,000 go to support the School Ceramics Department.

Here’s what it took to make it all a reality…

Ice Cream Bowl Fundraiser infographic

Ice Cream Bowl Fundraiser infographic

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