Most creativity is much more about doing the actual work

So you’ve decided to be a creative genius. Good for you. A world of opportunity awaits. Not to mention money, groupies and plaudits.

Just remember that even the most creative among us are only in the zone 5% of time.

The remaining 95% of the time, they’re just schlepping away, same as everyone else.

You know, doing the actual work…

The trick is not, I believe, about being a creative genius (whatever the heck that means) trying to act out the archetypal creative-genius highlight reel. The trick is really about how effectively you transition back and forth between your most inspired moments and your far less glamorous, schlepping moments.

And no one can teach you how to do that. It’s just practice and determination.

In the end, it’s the 95% that makes the 5% matter.

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