freudian slip web series premiere

Need a rather sexy web comedy series in your life starring Benjamin Law? Of course you do.

Here’s something frigging awesome: a web series all about the crazy conversations that go on in your head during sexy times. It’s called Freudian Slip and uses good old Freud’s theory of the split self to rather hilarious effect. Starring a bunch of super-talented types, including frankie scribe Benjamin Law (who plays the bloke character’s Id), Freudian Slip takes you on a highly relatable trip… which you may want to enjoy with headphones in, if you have little ones around. Big thumbs up to director/creator Clare Sladden, who filmed the series in just two days in her parent’s bed (which she admits is pretty bloody Freudian), and everyone else who brought this self-funded, chuckle-inducing series to life. Stream the whole thing below.

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