This is not a startup

I draw for a living. People often ask me what do I consider “art”?

The good news is, I don’t have to answer that question properly. The Ancient Greeks tried as well, and got nowhere. Many came after them, and also failed. It’s one of those questions that, whatever answer you give, just makes you end up feeling dissatisfied.

So I make it really simple. I’d say art is: “That which you have no choice but to do, because your soul demands it”.

Yes, it’s a fairly flawed definition. But it illustrates something that most people don’t get about artists or entrepreneurs. We do it, because if we don’t, life feels empty. The downside being, it doesn’t exactly come with an easy life.

But at least you know, that if you succeed, you are helping to drive the world forward. And that’s why normal people need you, even if your career decisions make them scratch their head on occasion.

Now get back to work.

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