buttercream creations

It’s a flower! It’s a tree! No – it’s a cake.

Believe it or not, these floral landscapes are completely handcrafted from buttercream. Self-taught cake designer Hyungyun Choi has been serving up these beauties for around six years (she saw a buttercream cake one day and thought it was darn pretty – hence her obsession), and since then has become capable of crafting even the most intricate blooms. “Deep flowers [like the English rose] are the hardest to make,” she tells Garden Collage, who also assure the reading public that the flowers are biologically accurate. They are, at any rate, flipping incredible – although they aren’t for sale. You can learn to make your own, however, should you be of a mind to hop on a plane to NYC later this year and do a class with the genius cake woman herself. In the meantime, satiate your desires for more over on her Instagram.

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