Here’s an idea for a party: get together over two days (September 1 and 2) with your friends, some food and drinks, and a printing press. Enter: The Monotype Party!

We can’t take all the credit for the idea: monotype parties hit the scene back in the 19th century, bringing artists together to try what was then a new medium. (It’s sometimes called “the painterly print.”)

Why a party?

The Monotype Party remains the perfect setting to dive into what can be an experimental, unpredictable process.

  • Everyone can share supplies — most importantly, a heavy and expensive printing press
  • Monotypes create only 1–2 prints each, so there’s not the pressure that comes with printing an edition
  • It’s fun to share and compare artwork

Here in the 21st century, artists can try their hand at different monotype techniques with instructors Mike Francis, Thomas Hipschen, and Pattee Hipschen. They’ll also serve in a gourmet lunch each day, and you can see what other participants are up to in an informal setting.

The Monotype Party is coming up September 1-2, 2018 so register now to join us! Here are some photos from a previous party, courtesy of Pattee Hipschen:


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