Architect your own destiny

Yes, I committed the most heinous crime in the grammar universe: I took a perfectly good noun (“architect”) and used it like a verb. Ow. The pain. The pain.

Forget why I did that for a second, and ask yourself a far more important question:

What does “Architect your own destiny” actually mean?

It basically means, “Become the master of your own destiny.”

And see what I did there? I slipped in the word, “master”.

i.e. In order to master your destiny, first you have to attain mastery in something, and/or mastery of your own life.

And what that is, could be anything. It could be becoming a CEO of  a large company, or the owner of a small pizza joint in Brooklyn, or a painter of fine watercolors.

What it is, really, is unimportant. Even how much money it makes you isn’t always the first item on the list.

What matters far more, what really drives us, is personal sovereignty over our actions. We want to be doing stuff because we wanted it, not because the bald, fat guy in the corner office wanted it.

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