“Painting in Danni’s Rose Garden” workshop

There’s only few more weeks left of our summer session! Sign up for our late-summer workshops and celebrate the final days of summer with a few more art-filled days of creativity.

One Week Workshops

  • Intensive Monotype Workshop (August 6 -10): Students learn a new inking technique with water-based or oil-based inks for monotype in this intensive workshop with Pamela Day and Harriett Lawler.
  • Painting in Danni’s Living Room or Rose Garden (August 13 – 17): Enjoy a week refining your still life painting in Danni Dawson’s beautiful rose garden in Arlington.
  • A Week in the Indiana Countryside (August 6 – 10): Students spend a week of intensive painting in instructor Diane Tesler’s midwestern summer getaway. A variety of locations around the town of Kewanna (population 500) and the surrounding countryside offer wonderful painting possibilities.

    by Diane Tesler

    by Diane Tesler

Three Day Workshops

  • Drapery in Oil (August 20 – 22): This painting workshop, led by Dan Thompson, teaches drapery as complex still life, interpreted through structural drawing exercises. Students work from long pose exercises, learn to identify tonal relationships in grey monochrome, and explore surface modeling and organic forms.
  • A Week in Thomas, West Virginia (August 20 – 24): Spend a week painting still life or landscape with Danni Dawson and Mike Francis, or sculpting with Paul Lucchesi. Choose one medium, focus on one style, or switch freely between the three instructors.  
  • Emerge/Square (August 20 – 24): This multifaceted acrylic workshop with Marsha Staiger stimulates participants to find personal ways to create art.


by Marsha Staiger

by Marsha Staiger

Two Day Workshops

  • Mastering Color (August 25 – 26): Using acrylic paints, this two-day workshop with David Carter helps students who are unsure of the role color relationships play in art and design. What color should you use? How do you mix it? An understanding of color theory is essential for students making the transition from drawing to painting.
  • Another Point of View (August 25 – 26): If your painting has become predictable, it might be time to look at your subject from a different point of view. This workshop with Alice Kale allows you to explore new possibilities that will take your paintings to a higher level.
  • Glazing in Watercolor (August 21 – 22): In this workshop with Rachel Collins, students learn about the many uses for glazing and how to apply the paint effectively to build both color and composition.
by Rachel Collins

by Rachel Collins

One Day Workshops

  • Tapestry (August 25): In this workshop with Tea Okropiridze, students are introduced to basic and intermediate Gobelin tapestry weaving techniques, creating a miniature woven tapestry sample on a small frame loom. Warping the loom color mixing and hatching, finishing and various design shaping techniques are covered. The Instructor works closely with students in class and provides individual guidance and demonstrations.

To see all the workshops offered before Labor Day, click here.

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